Photo: Yun Huang Yong/Creative Commons

Nellu and I were first exposed to rambutan (shown above) on our honeymoon in Bali. We stayed in a beautiful villa on the northern coast of the island. Every day, the staff would leave a basket of native fresh fruits with a little note describing what it was and where it came from. We fell in love with this lychee like fruit called rambutan. When we left Bali, I remember smartly saying, “Oh, I’m sure you can find it at Whole Foods.”

Turns out you can’t find it at Whole Foods. Or at least I didn’t. (Whole Foods, if you are reading this post and have updated your fruit selection, I’d love to know).

But you can find it in Brazil specifically at the fresh foods market: Mercado Municipal de São Paulo (

Photo: Nellu Mazilu

So I guess the point of this whole story is that there are really small things that make traveling worthwhile.  Even when you buy them, forget to take a picture of them, and let them go bad before you can eat them. Which leads me to life lesson number two: even fruit with spikes on it goes bad.

So instead of shots of the rambutan we bought. We offer you a few more pics from the Mercado.

~ Molly

Photo: Nellu Mazilu

Photo: Nellu Mazilu