So we’re still working to get this blog caught up to our actual location but I wanted to just say a few words about Paraty, Brazil (or Parati). We took a six-hour windy bus ride up the coast from Sao Paulo last Thursday to arrive in this beach town. The bus ride, while long, exposed us to some incredible views of the country and coast that we would have otherwise missed. We arrived just after sunset in the town square and we took a taxi to our Pousada, a move which we later fully appreciated.  (Many times when we’ve asked for directions in Brazil, people have told us to just take a taxi. They clearly think we’re crazyto try it on foot.)

We stayed at the Pousada Praia Serena at the far end of the Jabaquara Beach just over one kilometer outside of the main town center. It’s low season for them now and it gave us a little break from the hustle of the city and catch up on some rest from our rush to get on our way.

Here are the views from my spot on the beach our first day there.

To my right:

To my left:

And just my feet and the ocean:

You may notice that there is no one out there. Yeah, it was the middle of the day on a Friday, but still pretty cool.

What you can’t see from this pictures is that 10 feet away just underneath the tide isn’t more sand. It’s mud. I’ve never seen anything like it and I was secretly hoping it was the missing gulf oil. (I know that’s weird but I’ve still got a little news person in me.) But our hosts confirmed that it was mud.

Ritual mud in fact. Every year thousands of people gather at this very spot during Carnival for Bloco de Lama (translated to block of mud). They roll in the mud and dance on the beach and in the streets.

Photo: Xiaozhuli/Creative Commons

Nellu and I didn’t brave the it this time around, but I am sure sometime along our route we’ll find ourselves covered in mud.

~ Molly