I’d like to introduce you to what we have come to call the Equalizer!

It may just look like a plastic tennis racket but it’s so much more. (See that lightning bolt in the center!). At the press of a button, an electric current flows through the thin metal strings. Swat it in the direction of a fly or mosquito and you can literally see and hear the bug getting zapped.

It’s even got a retractable plug so you can quickly recharge it and get right back to practicing your bug eliminating backhand.

How do you like me now, Mosquitos!

We were first introduced to the Equalizer at our pousada in Paraty. Our friends at the Casa Cool Beans in Rio also have one, although there are decidedly less mosquitos here. (But, I mean really, Rio is a city in a rainforest with some of the most remarkable beaches I’ve ever seen. It just wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t have mosquitos too.)

Nellu and I have tried to shoot a video of the Equalizer in action. (Think: Star Wars Kid on YouTube). But ever time we hit the record button, no dice. We’ll keep trying and post it as soon as we get it because you’ve really got to see it.

Mom and Dad, if we can find one of these a little closer to home on our South American trip, we’ll get you one as a thank-you-for-storing-our-stuff present!

~ Molly