We’ve watched very little TV since embarking on our trip – a little CNN World in Sao Paulo, a few Daily Shows online. But we became slightly enthralled by a telanovela we saw twice at the restaurant around the corner from our guesthouse in Rio. It’s called Cordel Ecantdo.

Even if it wasn’t shown in Portuguese, the restaurant keeps the volume all the way down. But of course, that leaves room for us to make up our own dialogue. Nellu is actually pretty good at anticipating what happens. Like when the priest was trying to get Acucena/Aurora (not sure why she has two names) to go to the convent. He guessed it.

When I logged on to their website to get a little more information for this post, I read a few of the online summaries. They were translated automatically by my browser. But I was left even more confused. Apparently Google Translate does not do drama.

I’ve dared Nellu to grow a beard like one of the main characters.

(You can see Jesuino in action: http://cordelencantado.globo.com/personagem/jesuino.html#cenas/1491490)

It only took him a few days to let it grow in and by the time we arrived in Buenos Aires, he had it!

Nellu Mazilu

Nellu becomes Jesuino

Pretty good right.

~ Molly