I meant to post this before we left but didn’t get the chance to get our blog up. So in honor of our first month on the road I bring you: Hostage Survival Tips or Just Getting Through the Work Week. (Note: Please don’t take this the wrong way. This is not meant to make fun of hostage situations in any way shape or form. It’s meant to be a lighthearted commentary on how many of us cope with our jobs.)

In preparation for our trip, a friend of mine shared a list of “Hostage Survival Tips” that she received as a part of the Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training course. (Journalists planning to go to hostile areas of the world are often required to take this course.)

I was immediately struck by how many of the tips could actually be applied to surviving a job in corporate America – just substitute captors for management.

Here are some highlights:

Follow the Rules Given by the Captors (Management): Unless you have clear reasons for not doing so….it is wise to consent to the demands made by your captors (management). Many observers believe that overt resistance is counterproductive…

Say as Little as Possible if Questioned: It is always wise to give short answers to questions. Also avoid making suggestions.

Win Your Captors’ (Management’s) Respect: Be stoic…Live you values rather than discuss them. Avoid open displays of cowardice and fear.

Set Goals: Be determined to survive until a certain date…Plan on a long captivity as this helps stave off disappointment and depression.

Maintain and Control Your Environment: This strategy reduces stress by enhancing self-esteem and reducing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

Attempt to Understand Your Captors (Management): Be sensitive to, and learn about the cultural norms of your captors (management).

Look For, or Inject Humor into Your Situation: …once the captivity has settled into a predictable routine, humor can be a very strong antidote to hopelessness…but be careful and use common sense.

Actively Use Stress Management Techniques: …positive self-talk, developing a daily routine, accepting negative emotions…

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

~ Molly