(Please use your best telenovela voice when you read that title.)

Tango is incredibly popular in Buenos Aires. And it appears that it’s not just for the tourists. There are a number of locals that go to the tango clubs – evidentially often. Nellu and I observed this when we went over to La Virtura Tango, a small club in the basement of what looked like a cultural center in our neighbor of Palermo. We went for one of their nightly lessons.

That’s video Nellu caught of the club’s teachers giving us a little pre-lesson demo.

The lesson was in Spanish but thanks to Sesame Street, which taught me how to count to ten in Spanish, I could keep up at least a little. We now mostly have the basic step down. But, let me tell you, the locals there make us look like robots. Robots without any passion.

After all the night’s lesson ended, they brought in a band in and opened the floor for practice. That’s when dancing with the stars begins! Everyone was so intense…and actually pretty good at the tango.

I captured some of these couples on my flip cam but apparently it was too dark (read: dark and dramatic) to register on the sensor. So, I’ll just tell you about some of our favorite characters.

– Dorothy and Johnny Depp: We call her Dorothy because she had sparkling ruby slippers but her heels were higher and ready to tango. We called him Johnny Depp because he kinda looked like Johnny Depp and as an added bonus it looked like he had a single tear mark tattooed to his face.

– The Brooders: An early 30sish couple who danced a very intense and dramatic tango, moving around the room with their faces pressed together and eyes always closed.

– The Real Housewife of Buenos Aires: Fake tan, long blonde hair, shorts that were way too short for her 50+ years of age, and a shirt with sequins adorning her greatest assets. She really sparkled as she swayed to that music.

– Lolita, or rather many Lolitas: Many dramatically younger looking women dancing cheek to cheek with dramatically older looking men. How European of them!

It may be strictly ballroom but people watching is the real sport.

~ Molly