Ok, I have to admit this post is mostly another attempt to share with you how cool it was to ride around all day on a boat in the Amazon. On the day that we went to go visit the big ceiba tree, we took the boat into the thick of the jungle to get to the right spot. It was very Indiana Jones.

Our guide Osmar explained that the changing levels of the Amazon River during the dry and wet seasons can create and destroy islands. The place where the big tree stood would soon become harder to access because of the falling water levels. You can see in the video and some of our pictures how high the water line used to be just a few weeks before we arrived.

The tree itself was probably one of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen in real life. But since its wood is good for boats, this species often fall to loggers. Otorongo Expeditions along with a nearby village worked to protect this one, which already had one scar from a logging attempt.

Osmar was also nice enough to climb high into the big tree to provide this wonderful perspective shot that shows just how big the big tree really is.

Oh and on the way back from our big tree visit, Nellu got the opportunity to play Tarzan.

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~ Molly