The quintessential shot of Park Tayrona from El Cabo beach

I know at one point I swore I wouldn’t post any more gratuitous beach video but the scene I posted on Ipanema is my highest watched video to date and this post was specifically requested by my long-time friend Eric.

Tayrona National Park lies on northern curve of Columbia’s Caribbean coast right at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. As a national park, its remained relatively untouched by development aside from a few expensive ecohabs and small campsites. It’s about 5 hours or so east of Cartagena. We took a van to a bus to a walk to a short hitchhike to get the park and the trailhead. We then hiked for about two hours. The hike itself is gorgeous as you weave through the jungle between rocks, over bridges, under branches and across the beach.

Here’s what was waiting for us:



We hiked all the way to the farthest beach, El Cabo, for the evening. We rented hammocks for the night and slept in the campsite there. One piece of advice for future travelers though, ask for the hammocks in the hammock house by the ocean pictured above (I believe they call them the upper hammocks). I imagine they fill up quickly but they don’t seem to offer them unless you ask. We ended up staying in the lower hammocks. They’re right next to the campground which means you have to contend with other people’s music (even before 7am) and the sound of the generator for part of the night and of course mosquitos. If you have any questions,  please don’t hesitate to email us at

~ Molly