Turns out Hong Kong is a good starter city for our trip to Asia. English is widely spoken and the city feels very comfortable, somewhere where we could even see ourselves living.

It’s even on the water. The city sprawls out across several land forms including multiple islands and the primary way we’ve chosen to get back and forth is by taking the ultra-efficient Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor.



But the real estate, or more specifically our real estate, leaves much to be desired. Here’s a shot of our room:

Yes, that is the shower over the toilet

For those of you who knew me right after college, visualize Meg and my first Soho bedroom and then stick a bathroom in one corner. And if you’re thinking that it reminds you of a boat, it is very similar but without the charm and built-in shelving that cabin accomadations have. Ironically, its housed in a building called the Chungking Mansions. Visiting this building is one Time’s 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong. But if you’ve ever been to Canal Street in New York City, it’s the same so you can just skip it. We definitely will on our second pass through this city.

Our unfortunate housing situation just means we’ve been motivated to spend less time in our room and on our computers and more time out and about. We’ve got beautiful sights like this one from Nan Lian Garden waiting for us so I really can’t complain.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the beauty of Asian architecture. And this city really has a lot to offer from delicious dim sum at Luk Yu Tea House to great people watching at Temple Street Night Market (one of our favorite spots).

Also, on a side note, we’ve been trying to catch the attention of a certain credit card company that we sincerely love and would like to sponsor us. Would you please check our new site: Venturing the World? I am hoping if we build up a treasure trove of shots and with a few clicks from our friends, we can get on their radar.

~ Molly