Undeniably one of my favorite aspects of traveling is the opportunity to meet some amazing people. People who provide endless hours of entertainment, add a little to your understanding of the world and yourself, and fundamentally challenge what you thought might be possible.

The three Norwegians we met at our place in Beijing, getting ready to embark on a four-month motorcycle journey from there back to Norway, fulfilled all of the above. An engineer, a nurse, and a photographer on two motorcycles with two sidecars plan to ride half way across the globe.

They’re calling their adventure from “From East to West on the Iron Horse.” You can follow along at  jernhesten.blogspot.com or on Facebook (click here).  For those of our friends who don’t speak Norwegian, Google Translate does the trick. Just cut and paste the URL right into Google Translate and you can read the entire blog at one time in English.

A snipe of the blog: "From East to West on the Iron Horse."

They’re planning to travel through some areas that most of us will never see (Kazakhstan, the Gobi desert). Their goal: “meet people and ask for opinions, thoughts and relationships with the West, our society and values.” If these guys are half as captivating on this trip as they were at our hostel, this adventure will certainly be a thrill to watch. Oh and the top-notch photography is pretty easy on the eyes.

The sky’s the limit…

~ Molly