Ok, you might be thinking to yourself that it’s too early to dole out world’s best awards. True, we’ve only been on the road for a little more than seven months and we’ve only hit three continents. But when you watch the video below I am sure you will agree this award is absolutely warranted.

Two words: heated seats.


After months of squat toilets, especially those that allowed for direct access to train tracks, we felt very lucky to go to Japan and meet this marvel of modern engineering. These fantastic toilets varied wherever you went. There was one at our guesthouse in Kyoto that had a button to raise and lower the seat. We found others at museums and restaurants that had a switch to turn on a flushing noise just in case there were any shy loo-goers among their clientele.

But my favorite was the one in our guest room in our friends’ apartment building. It was simple but lovely. It had just the right amount of bells and whistles (and more that we couldn’t understand.) After coming home from a long day of walking around, this toilet you greeted you with its toasty seat.

The first time we met, Nellu came rushing out of the bathroom and challenged me to guess where the toilet flush was. I had a hard time finding it and was delighted when he revealed its location on the wall mounted control panel. It had a dual flush and the two of us determined which was for number one and which was for number two by observing the length of the flush and the amount of water that ran through the system.

But I should have asked for the complete toilet tutorial when I had my chance. I didn’t and when I started experimenting with the bidet settings, I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off. For minutes I sat there with my bum getting a full washing, contemplating whether I should call Nellu in to rescue me or risk standing up and getting water all over the floor. I finally resolved the issue on my own in the same way I resolve most tech-related issues – push a lot of buttons until the desired happens.

I hope we haven’t embarrassed our lovely hosts with this post. The Japanese toilets are just too good of a discovery not to share!

~ Molly