I’m obsessed with Spanish wine, specifically red, more specifically Rioja. I suppose I was before we left. To me it’s the perfect balance of fruit and body. Our trip to Spain firmly planted those grapes in my head as the best stuff on earth.

Apparently we were too busy drinking the wine to get any pictures of it. This photo was taken by mj*laflaca and licensed via Creative Commons.

And as if great tasting vino wasn’t enough; it’s also cheap!

Our first stop in Spain was Madrid. We had a Carrefour a block from our apartment that had a large selection of Riojas for five euros a bottle. They even had a Carrefour brand Rioja for three euros! I used this as an excuse to buy two bottles for dinner. Why not!?

In many bars and restaurants throughout southern Spain, you can get a superb glass of wine for three or four euros. In Granada, for every glass of wine you order, they give you a tapas (a small appetizer).

Oh Granada, land of tapas and wine!

One drink, one tapas. One drink, one tapas. I could do that all night and we did. We made a dinner date of bar hopping and tapas tasting.

Unfortunately, Spanish wine tourism as an industry seems to be underdeveloped. We couldn’t find lists or maps of wineries that offered tastings. Locals told us there were a few bodegas, or places where you could taste wine, but we didn’t find any along our route. There are plenty “luxury wine tour” offerings online, but we certainly didn’t need (and couldn’t afford) to be chauffeured around in a Mercedes and put up at five-star hotels.

So I don’t know much about this wine I love,  but it gives me a good reason to go back.

~ Molly